NDS-06-V | DS STD V 6Pol RM2.54 rai | Diptronics


PN Manufacturer Part Number: NDS-06-V
Further P/N: NDS-06V
Manufacturer: Diptronics
Name DS STD V 6Pol RM2.54 rai
Weltron Ordering Code: 013031085719
RoHS / AEC-Q200: RoHS:
Description:SPST Standart, Slide Type
Features:Both ON/OFF Position applicable for soldering process, Gold contact for high reliability, Red, blue and black color options
Application:Industrial control, Computers and peripherals, Variety of function controls
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Preiseinheiten: ST = Stück, % = per 100 Stück
Prices and Disposability
Price / Small Quantity Price / Complete Packing Unit Disposability Action
Packing Unit: 27 (Tube)
MOQ: 27

27    EUR  46,30 %
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1.026    EUR  43,10 %
2.052    EUR  41,14 %
4.104    EUR  39,66 %
Ex Works:

Manufactured to Order:
13 weeks

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Additional Information
Product Group DIP Switch
Subcategory THT
Lead Space Raster 2.54
Type Std verti
Positions 06 Pos
Einstellung off/on
Actuator raised
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